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The Nixon Memorial

A memorial should be built to our 37th President by all those who benefitted from his time in Washington, such as:

  • Newspapers, particularly The Washington Post and its intrepid reporters, Woodward and Bernstein, who forever changed Journalism – since then, every cub reporter is securely fixated on scooping his own scandal, and making a career out of it.

  • The publishing industry brought forth so many books, not the least of which were "The Watergate Quiz Book" and "The Watergate Coloring Book."

  • Hollywood, which got two blockbusters ("All the Presidents Men" and "Frost/Nixon") and Broadway, which got a play, none of which hurt the careers of Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, or Frank Langella.

  • The President's close associate, Chuck Colson, who found Jesus and was "born again" after a reflective sojourn in the slammer – and G. Gordon Liddy, who was in on the 1972 bungled break-in of the Democratic Headquarters, but got his own radio show, also after doing some time.

  • The Watergate Complex, which became Washington's most famous private development, and was rewarded with historic landmark status even though it was younger than the requisite 50 years.

  • Users of the English language, who have annexed the suffix "gate" to all subsequent scandals, such as "Monicagate" and "Whitewatergate."

  • Shown here is a statue of Tricky Dick standing on a pedestal, which is wrapped with replicas of the tapes that did him in, striking his familiar pose of arms outstretched and fingers in the V for victory sign – pointing left to the former Howard Johnson Motor Inn (where the deed was launched) and right to the Watergate Office Building (where the deed was done).
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